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Salaam. Is anybody still awake in the BLOG-osphere?

I’ve been observing all about Michael Phelps as the record breaker in swimming Olympic these days. Nope, I’m not that kind of groupie. I just happen to be interested in swimming. Honestly, I am addicted to swimming, which is a great deal. ^_^ I sadly could not swim before this month. I never learned and practiced swimming properly in my entire life. So, learning to swim is quite a BIG DEAL and a bit rocket science for me. Duh, it’s sad, I know. LOL 😀 Therefore, swimming did not come naturally easy for me. It took me 3 times of training to be able to swim breast-stroke properly. During the previous 3 times of training, I was phobia to water, did not know how to stand in 1,5 meters pool, and was too afraid of sinking. Pathetic much, right? LOL. I feel sorry to my trainer who trained me patiently and encouraged me frequently. It feels bad to let him down. However, alhamdulillah I eventually tackled the challenge to be able to swim in 1.5 meters pool.

My advice for beginner in swimming is to listen carefully and follow attentively to your trainer. Then, face and tackle your fear.

He knows the perfect technique. Most of them are Physical Exercise alumnae for God’s sake. Stop inventing your own technique. Listen to trainer instead! That’s it. You must also watch video, read tutorial (if you want), and collect courage before training day.

gettingAnyway, alhamdulillah that made it to 1.5 meters pool. Next is the semi-Olympic standard pool, where the height is 10-15 centimeters longer than my actual height. Wish me luck to be able to swim on that. Insha Allah I’ll be fine there. 🙂

About Michael Phelps. Wow, that guy is just awesomely talented and role model. He practiced swimming since the early age. He spent his childhood training and looked at the line of pool floor. According to his trainer, he even did not take rest to celebrate Christmas (I doubt that he’s Christian tho!) in order to practice swimming. No wonder that he won multiple gold medals at the Olypmpic in Beijing and previously in Athena.

The Death of A Walking Dictionary

Topic #2 is about the harsh reality check for walking dictionary guy. People need them less nowadays. It makes me notice how different the world is now. If you ever watch the movie Bucket List, George Freeman just astounds the Spanish mechanic by correctly answers all general knowledge. He is a genius walking dictionary. I remember during my middle school, teacher used to refer the guy who knew much about general knowledge as the walking dictionary. Often times, some pointed at me as one of them. That’s such an honor at the time. However, now it seems to be too easy finding out all general knowledge by googling it. 😦 People no longer need to memorize hard list of country’s capital, presidents, or their econ statistic. We can google each general question and come up with answers within less than a minute. Too bad for walking dictionary.

One of my lecturers posted about this case which he strongly mentioned that it was useless to beat google, or to be a walking dictionary. It’s hard for a semi fact checker like me to accept that fact. But, we must settle and adjust with change and current technology, right? Other way, change will sink us. That’s why, the best solution is to still keep reading and forge our skill besides general knowledge memorizing because it’s not cool to be dumb about general knowledge either, right? ^_^

This is one of the most hard-to-believe reality checks aka changes: World does not require a walking dictionary no more. So, does it mean the world still need Philosopher? Do we need them? What for? We have Google. Enlighten me, please!!

List of Absurdity Americans Do According to Indonesians

As an Indonesian who experienced living in US for few years, here I include the list of US folks that I still find awkward as native Indonesian. Anyway, the list still goes up and up. So, these are just a little part of it:

1. They (Americans) wash hand after going back from toilet. They tend to mock people who don’t do so. Hello!! Indonesians will mock them back because they don’t wash their urinary tracks with clean water after doing their business. Eeeww!

2. They can drink directly while showering. It is like having bath while pouring mineral water. Cool, right? 🙂

3. They eat pizza a lot. I just can’t get full after eating pizza. Asian, much?

4. Asking people for their religion is a big NO NO.

5. Some of them just don’t watch TV much. We’re crazy about Miley Cyrus (past), Ariana Grande (current), and others. They don’t really pay attention to that. Therefore, we’re media victim. Don’t watch TV much, folks!

6. They wear shoes to bedroom and whole room. In Indonesia, it’s a sign of messy folks.

7. They mostly smoke in bar or other place with sign “SMOKING IS ALLOWED”. Good one.


Bonus: Me standing at clean Siloso Beach in Singapore