Great Quotes

I love to read. A LOT. Therefore, I include some of inspiring quotes I often find out on both those piles of good books and another sources on this page. Enjoy!

1. “I create spirit and human to worship me.” -Al Qur’an

2. Work hard and stay humble. -anonimous

3. What matters to me is kindness, beauty, and knowledge. -A. Einstein

4. Think like a billionaire. However, bear in mind that the late Sam Walton drove his old Chevrolet automobile to workplace every day. -D. Trump

5. The end of walking dictionary is here. All we need is Google. -My lecturer

6. Adjust yourself or you’ll be shockingly unprepared to adjust with current technology sooner or later. -Science of Technology

7. Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer. It teaches you how to think. It’s the same perspective with everyone should learn about law school material although not everyone should be a lawyer. -Steve Jobs

8. No need to be ashamed to flip burger. Your grandfather had another word for it: Opportunity. -Bill Gates

9. If you love that girl/guy that much, so your love to God must be greater. -Syaikh Hamza Yusuf

10. People just have too much fiction. The thing is, we’ve worked so hard for Facebook. -Mark Zuck

11. Jihad bil lisan is studying hard and embracing people to study it from you. -Hadits

  1. senEnk baca Baca blok Qmu…
    Qmu org yg PNuh mImpi, pntg menyeraH n Smart, kReativ… Smuanya dEh… Hehe
    bolehkan klu pgen lebih kenal lgi…
    nama Aq maya…
    Slam kEnal ya…

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