About Me (Updated in 201…)

Assalamu ‘alaikum.


Me while doing one of my hobbies: traveling.

No matter what happens, always bear in mind #80:

80. And again? What is this life on earth? “Be nice on this earth. You’re only a temporary guest! Life on earth itself is only a deceiving temporary pleasure. The real life is after your death (afterlife). ” Al Qur’an. Photobucket

“Knowing yourself is the best way to live life.” -copied by Elita Sari Lubis

I randomly chose some of the content I listed beforehand due to the grown-up case. Seriously, the best thing about being an officially adult human is to think logically and to leave the childish mindset behind. If we want to grow, adjust yourself, or you’ll be shockingly adjusted soon or later. So it is with being a grown-up. However, bear in mind to be a wise adult, a righteous Muslim/believer, and a very happy one. Photobucket

16. My favorite cities on earth: Mecca & Madinah (Saudi Arabia), followed by New York City. I gotta live there someday. Insha AllahPhotobucket

fall in love 44. I love to travel a lot. My best holiday: Celebrating new years eve at Times Square, Manhattan, New York City with over 1 million people from all over the world. I must redo it again someday. Insha Allah. 🙂


50. Don’t ever hurt me! I mean it.
60. Nothing can beat a successful yet very HUMBLE person. I admire that quality and try to be one.Photobucket

Again,  pray righteously, work intensely, study seriously, and stay humble.



Elita Sari Lubis

  1. Mutia Herlina says:

    As I said you are truly an amazing woman!
    You’re young and smart. Witty and funny. Talented and adventurous!
    Soooooooo glad I accidently google something and found your story here…:)

    Kak Mutia

    • Elita Sari Lubis says:

      hello kak mutia. thank you so much for your compliment, but i aint that amazing, i still need to learn a lot. 🙂
      happy to hear that you enjoyed reading my story on this blog. ^_^

  2. Hai Elita terima kasih ya sudah berkunjung ke blog saya, salam kenal :).

  3. anduring says:

    Hi kak Silaen Salzgeber, thanks udah mampir juga di blog saya.
    Salam kenal juga. Danke. Mauli ate. 🙂

  4. Dodi Crossanda says:

    Halo Elita yang membanggakan Indonesia!
    Sungguh blog yang sangat menginspirasi banyak orang! Terima kasih telah berbagi cerita untuk semua…tetap belajar, berkarya dan yang terpenting jangan pernah berhenti bersyukur pada Allah SWT. Wassalam!

    • anduring says:

      Terima kasih ya, Bang. Amiin… Ya harus belajar bersyukur, belajar, dan berusaha terus tiap hari.

      Orang Medan ya, Bang? HORAS!! 😀

      Wassalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.

  5. pique says:

    lucu,,, ketemu pas nyari2 ttg panyabungan,,,

  6. anduring says:

    thanks, pique. kapan balik ke Panyabungan?? kangen kampung halaman Mandailing ya.

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