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Howdy! It’s been a long time since I posted my last thought here. First thing first, I am having an incredibly hectic time, however it’s been less intriguing to divide my time. 🙂

In all honesty, I did not really appreciate sport much during my childhood until high school. It took me years to realize that Olympic gold medalists were also as tough as Stephen Hawking in terms of perseverance.  There is always something in sport that fascinates me nowadays. It can be hours and hours of perfect practicing, day-to-day self-motivation, and endless of hours of consistency. After watching Michael Phelps interview, I begin to salute athletes for waking up so early each morning only to perform warming-up. Professional athletes must run for more than 1 hour before 6 am. It is still warming-up process, people! We can picture how tough the core training is already. Therefore, I believe that it certainly takes a certain kind of people to master sport. For a sport newbie like me- seriously I got lowest score during my whole lifetime education in sport 😦 (Coach Ja’far, I still can’t figure out what to do with that heavy iron javelin even till today! 😀 ), it’s great to respect sport nowadays.

Healthy people must practice sport for both health and appearance :D. As for me, starting is beyond difficult, yet after executing it, my body feels lighter. That hormone thing really works, fella! I’ve played badminton like a primary school student (I know, it’s embarrassing!) with my friends these days. I am really hoping to improve my smash, pace, and everything anytime soon. Luckily, although I’m not related to neither Mario Teguh nor Jack Canfield, I’m a firm believer of positive thinking, so I’m really positive about that. Therefore, in honor of sport, let’s take a look at some interesting sport moments below: 🙂

Nadal on Wimbledon

Michael Phelps

Our very own Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia

Ms. Sharapova

As I mentioned before, I’ve been hooked with badminton in these couple days. Due to the fact that I plan to reduce weight (again), sport has been a core thing for me to frequently practice. I don’t know if my metabolism has started to mess up again, my mood swing, or my tendency to taste delicious foods lately. Gosh, whatever the reason is, it has brought me to swing racket and to throw shuttlecock. However, my partners to play badminton is so vary, starting with my housemate, my college buddy, and the PLN managing executives (lol. I made the last one up :D). Matching time and convince these guys to play with me has been a tricky part. That’s the less cool thing about playing sport like this, you need partners. Some people advise me to just go running a marathon or jogging, but that’s my weakness. Running a marathon is still on my wish list, fella!

Speaking of marathon, I accidentally watched a New York marathon winner who happened to be an African-American. I’m not quite sure about his nativity, though. His accent sounds a bit Caribbean mixed with Brooklyn natives. Well, my up-to-this-moment conclusion is that most of marathon winner comes from rough background. I’ve witnessed the 2 km marathon winner during my childhood was mostly dominated by children who used to walk 1 hour or more from their house to school. Therefore, running the 2 km one is just like flipping hand for them, I guess.

Speaking of sport, I’ve had a rocky road with it in my whole life. I scored quite badly in this section during my primary school until high school. Thank god for university! I don’t need to worry about my Physical Education (PE) score anymore. LOL. Mainly the reason why I would love to ban Physical Education on Indonesian education curriculum was because I was overweight. *Sigh* 😦 It was too hard to run for 10 minutes in a row during junior high school. Unfortunately, I met a killer PE teacher in JHS, Sir Ja’far. He’s using all power he owned to push us running for as long as he wanted. He always drove me mad until I cried.

Nowadays, I regret the fact that I did not play any sport during my childhood. I used to prefer cuddling with good books and magazine than playing sport with my peers. On the other hand, my sole big brother was a sport pro. He won volleyball competition, he rode bicycle like a pro, he played soccer amazingly, you name it! He was a good athlete, although in Indonesia, there is almost 0% chance to be recruited by professional sport school, but I’m really proud of him. As a reward, he got muscle, had great body, and ate pretty much any kind of fries without getting fat. As for me, whenever I ate some fries, I should walk rapidly to burn it. What the heck! 😦

Time out! Gotta pay a sit-up! LOL! 😀