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Me wearing monochrome outfit and sunglasses in KL, Malaysia

I’m wearing monochrome outfit and sunglasses in KL, Malaysia

I like high fashion. Most folks do not expect this, I guess. But, I do. I sort of follow current news about high fashion industry on daily basis. I read Vogue on-line or when I stand in front of book shelf inside the book store, right after skimming numerous high-profile magazines, e.g. Forbes. I must admit that I am interested in a lot of thing, which benefits me to keep my brain open and wider. High fashion is one of my main interests, after my faith (Islam), technology (computer, etc), and reading.

I love high fashion. This has been one of my guilty pleasures for these recent years, I must admit. 🙂 🙂 Is it appropriate to consider that as a guilty pleasure, no? I am kind of obsessed with high fashion, supermodel, fashion house, fashion designer, fashion magazines, and everything else concerns. The only exception is that I love supermodel in modest and appropriate clothing. I condemn each of them who wears nothing, of course. Come on, don’t be like animal! You look good in great clothing, that’s what fashion for, right?

Believe it or not, I watched high fashion TV show back in the USA. Some of my spare time was spent to watch America’s Next Top Model. That’s the first time I fell in love with high fashion. Pssst… secret revealed? I ever posted about the grand finale of Brittany Kline vs Molly on ANTM 19 (right?). Yes, I love high fashion. It’s a bit hard to believe because I rather wear casual clothing on my daily life. If you see me in person, my outfit is so simple, far from high fashion consideration. LOL. I solely have time to express my high fashion taste during holiday. How so? I confess that it’s too difficult to apply this taste on weekdays considering I am full time student who barely has time to pick outfit. I mostly depart to campus at 8 am and back at home after 2 pm. I even lucky to make it through weekdays, let alone applying high fashion on my daily life. LOL. 😀

However, I am a lot happier to be known as a smart person rather than a stylish person. Knowledge is the ultimate beauty, not temporary couture fashion. It’s something to be noted by everyone, I think. Yet, to combine clever brain + beauty would be perfection. 🙂

Again, just a note to be taken, I like the poses of supermodel with the complete outfit. No outfit? Eew, NO WAY! Fashion is outfit, right? So, I just observe supermodels who wear gorgeous outfit, and that outfit must covers all the important part of supermodel body. If not, Eew. Sorry not sorry, but I really have no time for s*xy outfit, Ma’am!

I only like appropriate and polite fashion design. Not sexy fashion.

me in front of Singapore's Chanel official retailer

me in front of Singapore’s Chanel fashion house official retailer

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I love fashion to the core. I can safely say I know all the high fashion house, from Channel to Versace to Oscar de la Renta to Dior to Saint Laurent to Diane von Furstenberg to Louis Vuitton. I can name all famous fashion designers of the world from Karl Lagerfeld to John Galliano to Alexander McQuinn (deceased) to Donatella Versace to Vera Wang to Jason Wu to Vivienne Westwood to our own Tex Saverio .

I can mentioned top working supermodels currently, from Miranda Kerr to Jourdan ANTM to Cara Delevigne to Kate Moss to Brittany Kline to Gisele Bundchen to Freja Beha Erikson to Agyness Deynn. I know the fashion magazines although I don’t buy them oftenly, from Italian Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar to Elle to American Vogue to Nylon. Quite impressive for a technology student, right? I even recite those supermodel poses on the cover of fashion magazine. OK I made this last thing up. 😀 So, in summary of my semi-obsession with high fashion, here I include the list related to high fashion industry.

A. Rule to Work as Supermodel. You have to maintain tipical healthy lunchskinny and super tall body. Some of the working woman supermodel has >180 centimeters of height. How tall are you? Me? I am 155 cm. Duh! Speaking of the menu, they eat less than 1400 calories per day. Which means no carbs. No rice, no plain bread, no fries. The mainly eat or drink vegetables juice, and very little oil. Quite extreme in terms of keeping skinny body shape, right? But admit it or not, we’ll be more confident when we look thin and healthy. 🙂

B. Top supermodel I Like

  1. Brittani Kline

Brittani Kline. This young woman has been my Numero Uno favorite since her Top Model session. “Brittani’s face is romantic,” quoted fashion photographer Nigel Barker. I agree wholeheartedly. She sure is beautiful, isn’t she?

brittany kline

Brittani Kline is SMIZing (Smile with Eyes)

  1. Coco Rocha

I like Coco Rocha courage to try all different and sometimes weird poses. Somehow it works! He’s a photo machine as sharp as gun machine.

coco gun

Coco Rocha rocks outfit

coco poses

Coco Rocha’s simple pose

Supermodels waiting for photoshoot

Supermodels before photo shoot in Paris

  1. Tyra Banks

As I wrote before, I only like Tyra when she wears polite outfit. Otherwise, not at all. She’s a good poser, as well.

  1. Kate Moss

I dislike Kate because she often poses with no string attached. I hate that fact. She looks good with nice and appropriate fashion, isn’t she?

  1. Cindy A.

She’s new model from Indonesia who lives remotely between New York to LA, to Bali to Bangkok, and others. She’s kid of Indonesian billionaire, yet she manages to have good body. Her face feature is distinct yet beautiful.


Cindy as Cartier’s fancy jewerly girl

C. Outfit As I mentiod frequently, I like polite fashion that covers all parts of the body. If they can, I challenge the fashion designers to create high fashion outfit for hijabers. It’s even better. Last but not least, take positive sides of high fashion industry. For instance, keep on healthy diet routine which is good for your health, as well. That’s quite tricky to keep on going . Secondly, work hard. Some of the working supermodels sometimes do their photo shoot early in the morning. And most importantly, unlike few supermodels, we must be SMART, HUMBLE, yet still look good to increase that confidence up. ^_^