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Proud Indonesian Army

One of my memorable students is an army leader. He plans to actually work for UN in order to represent Indonesia in Suriah. He told me all old story about GAM (Aceh Movement for Independent). Gosh! What a horrifying story. He told me the way he shot 3 enemies during open war in front of his eyes. He described the way those people died. The big take of breath was the last air gotten by the almost-dead-guy. I can’t even imagine. I guess we just need A PEACE! A PEACE! Anyway, we must be proud of our Indonesian army members. They’re just so cool and macho, aren’t they? 🙂

Another great student of mine is an accomplished doctor and a surgeon at Adam Malik public hospital in Medan. He explained to me about how long it really took to finish one surgery. The way to take out the organ, eg. kidney, is by cleaning it with the antibacterial medicine, and putting it back to it’s original place. This doctor’s genuinely calm. He mentioned that he tried to walk 8 times before executing the surgery. The most paramount routine: telling the family of sick ones that his/her life ain’t guaranteed. 😦

See, there are loads of amazing and prestigious jobs out there. So many. Therefore, let’s pick one and be THE BEST, and prepare to be the BEST one of them!

Life at USU

My university is starting to give us loads of assignments and lab as well. However, I must enjoy this stage of my life. I really need another good time management advice, though. 🙂 UAS or mid-semester exam is coming soon (due: next week). Must study harder and pray harder to Allah. 🙂

I was frequently stuck with my own time management. Due to the fact that I am a full-time University of North Sumatera / USU student and a part-time employee at Wisma BII Bld, Medan, I often found myself too exhausted by executing the same routine. I’ve done a bunch of non-scientific research regarding how to utilize 24 hours.

1. Michael Dell

Lucky me! My teaching material popped questions about Mr. Dell’s smart time management.
He wakes up at 5 am and starts his routine by exercising: biking, walking or running. He then he starts working at Dell Corporation at 7.30 am until 5 pm. He always spares his time to have dinner with his children and wife at 8 pm. He continues replying email from his company’s partner at 9pm until midnight. He repeats these activities all over again every single day (no holiday). No wonder this man has put himself as the top 100 richest men on earth consicutively.

2. Mr. Video Guy (lol)
This guy sets himself up to sit nicely for 1 hour right after waking up. He does all the important project before doing anything else. 1 hour / 1 day rule, folks!

3. Donald Trump
This guy does not have holiday (even on Sunday, he works) in his life. “Why do you need a rest? If you don’t enjoy your job, guess what? You’re in a wrong business. Better switch up your job!” Mr. Trump said.

Your responsibility for life is to shorten your sleeping duration. Rasulullah only slept for less than 4 hours. This may reduce your age, but who needs 100 year-old folk with millions of sins? Guess what? Even Islam teaches us about the littlest thing: TIME MANAGEMENT.

#SUNday: My brother and I just got back from gadget store for fixing our ###er. My brother is the best. I hope that he’ll get A for his presentation and final thesis later. And.. he’ll have a great job, so that he and I can bring our parents to travel the world: started with Mecca and Madinah. Amiin Ya Rabb.