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Assalamu Alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh. Howdy!

Marina Bay, SingaporeI just came back from summer holiday in Singapore and Malaysia. What an absolutely wonderful vacation! Alahmdulillah for your countless Mercy, Ya Allah. šŸ™‚ This vacation must boost my energy to perform better in both social and academic life. After witnessing the comfy life in both countries in 12 days, I once again open my eyes about real professional life. Doubt, laziness, fear, and worries no longer count. I should strive more to enjoy living in better environment. Things IĀ  do before a vacation like this is to write down all lists of to-do things, place to visit, day to execute it, and how to reach specific tourist destination. Planning is crucial to avoid chaos during the exact day.

I always love to travel abroad, especially to more developed countries. It humbles me to see beautiful architecture, rich folks, and wealthy environment. It also helps me to renew my spirit and positive energy. Traveling abroad teaches me to open my eyes wider about life reality. There really is beautiful comfy life exists on this planet during this century. LOL. This vacation also allows me to practice my English with natives. Oh yeah! It’s hard to find ones in Medan. And most importantly, I love doing it alongside with my family. I don’t even mind being a tour guide for them since I’m the only one with better English proficiency. šŸ™‚ Sharing wonderful journey abroad with my family is absolutely indomitable. Looking them happy is even better. I am grateful towards my cousin who provided us with his comfy automobile + ‘lori’ and nearby Kuala Lumpur. I wish I could be more sincere like him, and repay his kindness one day. šŸ™‚

Again, Indonesia always occupies the most special space in my heart, yet nobody can refuses the fact that we want better life, with better monthly income, and better place. We certainly hope that Indonesia can be better place, especially in economics. We are away behind Singapore and Malaysia. What slaps me on the wrist is the low currency we have compared to Singapore Dollar and Malaysian Ringgit. 1 S$ = 8.000 Rupiahs. Hello!! Dear economists and smart deputies in Treasury Department of Indonesia, please mind our econ better! You guys are smart, undoubtedly. Just work harder, please!

KLCC of Malaysia

I’ll come up later (Insha Allah) with our activities during 12 days in Singapore and Malaysia: